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Ofcr Woerhle.jpg



  • Age 44

  • Tour 18 years

  • Badge #07


  • Cause Gunfire

  • Weapon Handgun

  • Offender Executed in 1962

My Story

Patrolman George Woerhle was shot and killed after being abducted by a suspect wanted for statutory rape. Patrolman Woerhle had allowed the suspect to put a shirt on and as the suspect came out of his room he concealed a .22 caliber handgun in the shirt. He then pointed the gun at Patrolman Woerhle and ordered him to drop his gun.

Fearing that other family members may get hurt, Patrolmen Woerhle complied. The suspect took him as a hostage and fled in his patrol car. Patrolman Woerhle attempted to regain control of the situation but was struck in the head by the suspect and then pushed out of the patrol car. The man then shot him three times and fled.

The suspect was arrested later in the afternoon. He was convicted of Patrolman Woerhle's murder and subsequently executed on January 17, 1962.

Patrolman Woerhle had been with the agency for 18 years


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