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Stockton Blue Run

10K / 5K / 3K walk - sponsored by:
Saturday, April 22, 2023
Race Day Schedule~
7:00 am - Check-in and race day registration opens
8:00 am - Race starts
9:30 am - Award Ceremony
10:00 am - Honor Stockton Blue post race festivities
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Proceeds to benefit the Stockton Police Chaplaincy


Honor Stockton Blue

This race is to honor those who felt the weight of the badge every time they put it on their uniform. They carried the heavy responsibility of being a community protector and then paid the ultimate sacrifice by laying down their lives for the community they serve.  We will never forget them or their families as they remain in our debt forever.


According to the National Fraternal Order of Police, a historic 346 police officers were shot in the line of duty in 2021, 63 were killed.  This was an increase from 2020 where 47 officers were shot and killed. In 2022 there were 331 police officers shot, 60 were killed. 

Another startling statistic, 'Ambush-style attacks' against officers were up 115% in 2021 compared to 2020. 


So, amid the national rhetoric and turmoil against law enforcement, why do these brave men and women still do their job? Or why would anyone still want to be in law enforcement?  The answer is pretty simple.  Their hearts pull them into law enforcement to serve their community and make a difference.


We must remember peace officers are willing individuals that follow their calling to do this very important work, even in the face of adversity and danger.  In today's world, while being everything to everybody, they must remain cautious and vigilant.  This is no easy task, but thankfully we still have people to do this noble profession.

This year we honor Ofcr George Woerhle, badge 07, killed in the line of duty on April 22nd, 1960. We will not forget.  Rest in Peace brother, we'll take the watch from here!

Our mission is to respond and provide spiritual support to SPD personnel, their families by building interpersonal relationships for life’s crises

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